Andy Murray vs Juan Martin del Potro Rogers Tennis Montreal 2009 Highlights Results Winner

Andy Murray -Montreal Tennis 2009 Rogers Tennis Cup Winner


The Montreal sees now the last 2 warriors in Andy Murray and Juan Martin del Potro.

The Canadian tennis fans awaited a Federer-Nadal clash but they must not have been disappointed at the way these two disciplined players sweated out.

Now as to head on head encounters between the 3rd and the 6th seeds; Murray leads 3 to 1 in the ATp circuits and the Scottish further has lead of 2-0 on hard court matches. However, Del Potro won their last encounter played on clay court at Madrid in 2009.

There is a thing to cheer here, Murray sneaked into the No.2 slot pushing aside Nadal and he is deservedly the man to be there.

Guess his hands on training in Florida gave the Brit perfect blend of balance of hard work and relaxing much needed before the start of the tour.

He had not lost a set during last week and so that took him to the No.2 slot. This also tells with how much ease he must be playing at it. Not a single shot he rushed and that earns him to be one in the 56-men tournament that started a week back.

On the other hand, Juan Martin Del Potro too had been extremely impressive during the last week; bouncing back so decently from every obstacle that came his way.

Mind you, he had shown Nadal the doors out of the tournament with a matured effort and a convincing style and his win against Andy Roddick in the Legg Mason Classic Tournament had shown what a star he was at fighting. The men’s tennis is in great shape with not just 2 warriors but many sweating and maturing enough; looks like.

As regards the finals today both these players are strong at their backhands while del Potro is very quick at the ball the Scot has great touch at the net.

While Murray has the experience and has been ranked higher, and also winning 2 head to head encounters. But is that enough to predict him a winner?

No, because the Argentine del Potro is perhaps peaking his tennis career and playing best tennis in the world. I don’t find a flaw or a weakness in his game and his clutch serving with xxx mph speed could actually trouble the Scot. His hard work and determination will bring him more wins than any predictions.

Andy Murray beats Juan Martin Del Potro to win Montreal Masters 2009 Cup

Andy Murray        6     7     6
Juan del Potro     7     6     1

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